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Ann Diamond, Freelance writer and editor
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Writer, editor, writing coach

Ann Diamond was born in the Week of the Pioneer, on the Day of the Inspirer. She has been helping writers shape stories ever since she can remember, which is a long time.

Always a believer in stories as vehicles of awareness and transformation, late in life Ann discovered she really does believe in classical structure, and set about to find out how to go about adapting the ancient principles of drama to a post-modern imagination.

In 1998, she began a successful workshop series called 'Unlocking Your Stories'.

Ann Diamond has taught creative writing (fiction, poetry and drama) at Concordia University and University College of the Cariboo (now Thompson Rivers University).

Lately she has been living on a trapeze between Greece and Canada.
There's a lot more to her story, of course, but she's interested in hearing about yours.

Ann is one of the English-Language Writers available for the
Writers in CEGEPs Program

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Men with Podcasts

Robert Phoenix interviews Ann Diamond on Leonard Cohen, The Man Next Door (January 9, 2015)

Scott Sentinel interviews Kelley Lynch and Ann Diamond for Truth Sentinel Episode 39:
Leonard Cohen, truth, lies, guilt, innocence, law, MK Ultra (February 2, 2015)

"Liminalist" Jasun Horsley in a very long conversation with Ann Diamond (September 12-16, 2015)

Video Reading of "A Certain Girl"

Jean Eisenhower reads an excerpt from "A Certain Girl," by Ann Diamond. Jean also has memories of being on a military base as a child and mind control experiments.

Watch Video - Published on Mar 14, 2014

Interview on Mind Control

Ann was interviewed by Sonia, Truther Girl, on Thursday, August 16th, 2012:
Mind Control Programs: How Are Victims Selected and Recruited?

The Man Next Door, memoir by Ann Diamond

The Man Next Door

memoir by Ann Diamond

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You can listen to the interview on

Read an interview

...conducted by Ross Merriam, web editor for Geist Magazine with Ann Diamond.
'Forgetting as a Protective Mechanism and Remembering as a Quest for Hidden Truth'
Part 1
- Part 2

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BOOKS by Ann Diamond

Dead White Males by Ann Diamond
[Dead White Males] is nutty, paranoid, messy and a great deal of fun. A must for Ann Diamond fans.”
- The Montreal Gazette

“If you're tired of pretentious Canadian literary experiences and want a good story that keeps you laughing, Ann Diamond's Dead White Males is a heartening change.”
— James Moran, July 2002

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A Nun's Diary by Ann Diamond A NUN'S DIARY: “One of the few must-read collections of poetry to appear in a long while.”
- Toronto Star

This is an outlandish, quirky, beautifully-written exposure of one woman's fix on God--his surrealistic depravities, her own lusts and horrors, their vital "marriage".

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Evil Eye by Ann Diamond EVIL EYE (Winner of the QSPELL Hugh MacLennan Award for Fiction, 1994.) “As in Diamond's earlier collection, Snakebite, some of the stories are realistic and others fantastical, but in both, the absurd lurks just outside the door and seeps in under the cracks.” - Montreal Gazette

“Diamond's uncluttered language reveals the chill inherent in keeping one's eyes -- and heart -- stationed on the borders of experience.” - Books in Canada

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