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MY COLD WAR by Ann Diamond



The chilling story of a childhood interrupted by secret Cold War experiments. Based on true events, MY COLD WAR is a fictional recreation of a period when governments sacrificed their own citizens to national security.

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MY COLD WAR is extremely fluid and well written, honest, engaging and fascinating, not only because of its hair-raising subject matter but also the colourful and intimate descriptions of family life and the rich historic sweep of the narrative built up gradually in tiny brush-strokes on a wide canvas.

These descriptions and honest personal introspection from the vantage point of adulthood (interpreting the recollections of childhood-adolescence) give the other darker story its proper depth and context. They serve to heighten suspense and the poignancy of what is to come. The text reads beautifully (masterful, poetic and also humorous from time to time), with logical, detailed and carefully worded facts, insights and impressions that 'ring true' as the story gradually unfolds

MCW was a compelling read from start to finish...The finale was particularly strong, lyrical and emotional, finishing on a haunting note. Quite an achievement. Bravo!

-- Christina Manolescu, Publisher, Founder: Invisible Cities Network.

Since 2002 when Diamond began work on her memoir, My Cold War, she has reincarnated as a researcher and haunter of libraries, fine-tooth-comber of documents and files, and explorer of a forbidden chapter in recent Canadian history. This ongoing project has been, in many ways, about reclaiming her own history as the daughter of a Canadian Air Force intelligence officer, who came to Quebec from Sea Island, BC, in 1943 to "hunt for Nazi spies." Learning of her father's secret activities led her inevitably into a wide-ranging study of the history of that period, some of which remains classified to this day. -- Ann-Marie Metten, Kowaga House

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