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EVIL EYE by Ann Diamond



The poignant and the absurd. Erogenous danger zones. Ordinariness gone berserk. This is Ann Diamond territory, explored with a stunning lightness of touch. Moving from existentialism in the Ottawa Valley, to the Messiah at a falafel stand in Cairo, these wry and intelligent stories are bulletins from the front lines.


EVIL EYE [Winner of the QSPELL Hugh MacLennan Award for Fiction, 1994.] “As in Diamond’s earlier collection, Snakebite, some of the stories are realistic and others fantastical, but in both, the absurd lurks just outside the door and seeps in under the cracks.” - Montreal Gazette

“Diamond’s uncluttered language reveals the chill inherent in keeping one’s eyes -- and heart -- stationed on the borders of experience.” - Books in Canada

Excerpt - ROADS TO FREEDOM By Ann Diamond

In 1967, a UFO made a brief landing in the field of a farmer who lived up the road from our summer cottage.

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