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FAQs about Unlocking Your Stories Workshops and Seminars

New workshops begin April 6, 2004


Week one:
Fiction as Time/Space Travel
Week two: The Emotional Detective
Week three: Original Cause
Week four: Structure
Week five: You have a choice
Week six: Why truth IS stranger...
Week seven: Conflict: Things must get worse before they can get better.
Week eight:
Sense, Feeling, Thought, Intuition: the wheel of consciousness

This workshop is mainly about you and your writing. Please come prepared to re-discover yourself, as you learn to apply the techniques and insights of storytelling to the creative business of life.

Experience enriches writing which expands experience. This workshop can help you rediscover your sense of wonder through writing (and sharing) your stories in a supportive group atmosphere.

Childhood: the biggest mystery. Recovering the past, altering the present, through writing.

Exercises for awakening your personal vision.

Uses of Conflict
Healing through understanding the "dark side."

The Emotional Detective
Use "higher mind" to explore your own mystery.


WHERE: To Be Announced..
WHEN: New workshops begin April 6, 2004


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Phone: (514) 931-1932


Writing is not about putting words down on paper so much as it's a process of feeling, remembering, and shaping our experience. Unlocking Your Stories is a workshop in developing our awareness of those inner and outer processes of thinking, feeling, knowing and sensing that give birth to stories.

Storytelling is probably the oldest art form, and although it must have been preceded by the development of speech, dreams came before verbal storytelling. In writing stories, we can draw on the fluidity and inventiveness of dreams to create an experience for ourselves, our listeners, and readers. A group is both your audience and your team of players.

In Unlocking Your Stories, we get together to explore techniques, approaches, and strategies for storytelling, drawing on personal sources as well as advice from established writers. This workshop is a place to experiment, grow and see ourselves through a different kind of looking-glass: the inexhaustible mirror of narrative. Hope to see you in my workshop!

Ann Diamond
Unlocking Your Stories

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